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Elegant jewelry designed for women of style. Perfect for any look, any budget. Available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver.Sasha Liv — timeless, beyond trend — jewelry to be cherished for generations.

Our Story

Sasha Liv … The story of our jewelry is indistinguishable from the story of the man whose creativity, courage, and conviction bring it to life. Yet in the final analysis, how can one quantify a life whose contours have been sculpted not just by heredity and environment, but also by a force far more mystical, far more resistant to reasoned inquiry? A life that, in its totality, is far greater than the sum of its parts?

The life of Sasha… His parents were Holocaust survivors. So in one sense we can say that this man’s courage – on full display when, in 1977 he brought his wife and two children to Brooklyn, New York without benefit of a family connection and with less than a hundred dollars in his pocket – is a matter of heredity.

Sasha came to America as a conservatory-trained musician and music teacher of rare talent and broad experience gained in his native Eastern Europe, where the

Carpathian Mountains rise to heights shrouded in myth and legend. The treasures he brought with him were packed in his mind, in his heart, in his imagination.

Yet with music-related professional opportunities at a premium, Sasha sought the help of local organizations dedicated to assisting immigrant families to find gainful employment.

“I have always been good with my hands,” says Sasha. “So out of necessity I took a factory job making pocketbooks.”

He struggled. He persevered. Somehow he managed to make ends meet. And all the while he never turned a deaf ear to music. Sasha reminds us, “Music, like all art, is about a very special kind of communication… spirit-to-spirit communication. It can’t be turned on and off. Art and me… we could never abandon each other.”

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The creative process defies dissection by the blunt instruments of science and academia. nor can creators themselves seem to coax origin stories from their muses. Art remains the glorious afterbirth of conception and gestation that are knowable only as vague shapes perceived through veils – or, if you will, as an ancient, legend-birthing mountain range viewed through a shape-shifting mist. Not even Sasha can fully account for Sasha …

Eventually a friend told Sasha of a city-sponsored job program that, once entered, would lead to his training as a diamond setter. There his creative drive manifested as a natural, rapidly evolving gift for design.

Before long Sasha was hired by a jewelry manufacturer who had emigrated from their shared home town and became the first employee of the factory in which he would work and learn for nearly five years.

And then the clarity …

Sasha recalls, “At first I couldn’t understand how my musician’s soul could be satisfied by this strange new profession. And then one day the mist cleared. Just like writing and performing music, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry is a form of artistic self-expression.

“Even my earliest designs had the qualities of my musical compositions and performances – they were sleek and deceptively simple. No wasted movement. Never two notes or lines when one could capture my full meaning.”

Sleek. Simple. And to so many, simply elegant.

Five years later, brimming with confidence and in full creative blossom, Sasha founded a new jewelry business. In the company of partners, he worked 16 hours a day, six days per week, for well over a decade.

Sasha’s daring entrepreneurial drive and creative spirit would not be quenched. They drove him to found yet another jewelry company, which swiftly evolved into a major design and manufacturing facility.

Now, more than 21 years later, that enterprise has risen to become one of its industry’s leaders